Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

I was asking my friends today at lunch about what I should bake tonight for this blog and a couple girls insisted on this cake (mostly because they wanted to eat it the next day). I wanted to make something fruity, celebrating the fact that it was finally warm out, and something unique. This recipe definitely seemed like it fit both of those categories.

So coincidentally when I was googling recipes for Pineapple Upside-Down Cakes this afternoon, the first thing that came up was that today happens to be “National Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Day.” ( Out of 365 days in a year, I happened to make this recipe on its ‘holiday’; so I’m pretty sure that my friends are psychic.

When making this dessert, I was hesitant to use the provided yellow cake recipe and wanted to find a separate recipe online and combine it with the Pineapple Topping. I ultimately decided to just try the original recipe (from Betty Crocker) before making any changes. The end result was so amazing that I made almost no modifications and would recommend completely sticking to the recipe. I made my cake in a bundt pan, because it had been a while since I had made a bundt cake, but any cake pan works.





1/4 cup butter or margarine
2/3 cup packed brown sugar
9 slices canned pineapple (from 14-oz can), drained
9 maraschino cherries without stems
1 1/3 all-purpose flour
1 cup granulated sugar
1/3 cup shortening
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
3/4 cup milk
1 egg


  1. Heat oven to 350°F. In 9-inch square pan, melt butter in oven. Sprinkle brown sugar evenly over melted butter.
  2. Arrange pineapple slices over brown sugar. Place cherry in center of each pineapple slice and in any other holes in between pineapple pieces
  3. In medium bowl, beat remaining ingredients with electric mixer on low speed 30 seconds, scraping bowl constantly. Beat on high speed 3 minutes, scraping bowl occasionally.
  4. Pour batter over pineapple and cherries. Bake 40-50 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean.
  5. Immediately place heatproof serving plate upside down over pan; turn plate and pan over. Leave pan over cake a few minutes so brown sugar mixture can drizzle over cake; remove pan. Serve warm or cover and refrigerate.