Savory Scandinavia


So over the last two weeks I’ve been traveling through beautiful cities, biking over stunning mountains, kayaking through glistening fiords, and awing at the incredible museums of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. This was 100% the most beautiful trip that I’ve been on, and it couldn’t of been any more memorable. We visited Copenhagen in Denmark (my favorite city EVER), Oslo and Bergen in Norway, and Stockholm in Sweden.

One thing that my family isn’t great at is the ‘foodie’ side of traveling. While we will try to eat traditional foods at the locations we visit, we’ve never been able to make it a priority to discover the well-known restaurants that serve the best local foods. Despite spending 3-4 days in each location, it seems like we only ate just a few meals with the typical local food at each city. In Copenhagen we went to a restaurant that served open faced sandwiches. Assuming that it was cooked-through, I ordered salmon, only to find that the salmon was raw. I don’t usually love raw fish, but this Salmon, that arrived on a slice of multi-grain bread with an intricate cilantro sauce, was delicious. In Copenhagen my family, not wanting to waste any time sitting down for lunch, grabbed chicken and lamb hot dogs from a street vendor. This is a local speciality to Copenhagen, and our expectations were blown straight out of the water. These hot-dogs didn’t even exist in the same universe as the New York City hot-dogs that I was accustomed to eating.



Copenhagen Street Chicken Hot Dogs.


My parents were actually celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary on the trip. On August 16th and 17th (their anniversary), in Oslo, my brother and I wanted them to have a few nights out on their own. My brother and I stayed home, and I made gluten-free spaghetti with meat sauce on the first night and bought take-out pizza on the second. My parents dined on sushi and then enjoyed a traditional Norwegian meal at one of the best restaurants in Oslo. The our last night in Oslo, we went out to an Italian restaurant called Olivia (noticing a pattern?). There are a bunch Olivia restaurants scattered around Scandinavia, and we actually ended up going back to Olivia a few days later in Bergen. I ordered grilled salmon with a cucumber salad. It was delicious!

Bergen was by far our most embarrassing food experience. On the first night, we were so drained that we decided to eat at a local Italian restaurant. We actually ended up going two more times while we were in Bergen. It was delicious and easy. I ordered Shakshuka, soup, and greek salad!



Cauliflower Soup and Salad at the Vasa Museum in Stockholm


We were in Stockholm for two nights and visited one traditional Swedish restaurant and one Spanish tapas restaurant. If you didn’t know, the traditional food of Scandinavia is salmon, potatoes, open faced sandwiches etc. For the Swedish meal, we went out to a restaurant called The Blue Door. They offer a new selection of four fresh dishes on each day of the week. My entire family chose to have salmon with brie sauce… and we chose right! OMG it was soooo flavorful. The sauce was a little rich, and there was definitely too much of it, but it was otherwise a satisfying meal. The Spanish tapas that we had on our last night was a nice way to end a great trip. We ordered a variety of dishes and they were all delicious. We have an amazing tapas restaurant back in NYC on 10th street (it’s called Alta), so our expectations for tapas are always high. While it didn’t blow Alta out of the water, the food was flavorful, beautifully presented, creative and we had a wonderful final dinner together.



Spanish Tapas in Stockholm


Spanish Tapas in Stockholm