About Me


Welcome to my cooking website. I’m Ally, a 14 15 16 17 year old teen living on the Upper West Side in Manhattan. I was born in a small suburb in Northern California, but moved to the West Village before starting 8th grade. When my brother left for college in the Summer of 2016, we moved to a new apartment on the Upper West Side.

Being a teenager in New York City has been an incredibly unique experience, and I couldn’t be more thankful that we moved here. The kids I go to school with are so shockingly independent and seem to have a sense about the world that is indescribable. I absolutely love my city, my neighborhood, and my apartment. However, one of the most shocking differences between suburban and city life are the sizes of the kitchens!!! My kitchen is absolutely tiny! Since it’s so small, we don’t have much room to store cooking and baking gadgets, and I often have to make do with what I have.

My goal for this website is to bring together my passion for cooking and photography by posting recipes and photos of my weekly creations. Hopefully, the added stories and descriptions that go along with my recipes will also be interesting from a teen perspective. Since New York City is known for it’s variety and diversity of unique and emergent cuisine options, I will also occasionally post photos and locations of the delights that I discover as I roam around town.

I have a severe allergy to most tree nuts (except almonds) and peanuts, therefore all recipes will be peanut, cashew, pistachio, pecan, hazelnut and walnut-free. You will also be able to find quite a few gluten-free and vegan baking recipes because I find them uniquely fun and challenging. My mom is also gluten-free.

In addition to photography and cooking, I am also a competitive volleyball player and avid reader (my goodreads profile is linked on the sidebar) and an activist/feminist in the NYC area.


Here is some of my NYC photography:


My life in New York over the years: